for In-Person & Telehealth Treatments

"Dear Emily: Thank you very much for your remote telehealth session of acupuncture today.  I am amazed how much better my neck pain feels after it, and also how similar I feel after this remote telehealth session vs. your onsite in-person sessions.  To tell you the truth, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of the remote telehealth session before I tried.  But it was amazingly effective.  First of all, your preparation instruction was very useful: I took about 15-20 minutes before the session to set up my bed, get settled with relaxing music, deciding where to put my laptop for video chat and the acupuncture kit on the bed, etc.  Then, once we are on the video chat, it was the same as the in-person sessions: you asked me questions and diagnosed my condition.  Your directions for locating the points to put the tiny acupuncture press were good and easy to follow with the video chat, and the acupuncture press was easy to use.  I relaxed with the music like I always do in in-person sessions for about 30 minutes after which you checked me back at the end of the session.  It did take one hour total like the in-person sessions.  In summary, I felt the remote telehealth session works very well and I would like to have it as needed in future.  Thank you very much, Emily!" - Yutaka

March, 2020 

April,  2020 

November, 2018