Telehealth FAQ

What is Telehealth Consultation?
Telehealth consultation is a secured, HIPAA compliant video call for advice such as lifestyle tips, herbs and supplement consultations, breathing and qigong movements on different conditions to boost immunity, reduce stress, maintain exercise at home, and food therapy to prevent illness and stay healthy. 

What is a Telehealth Acu-Session?
Due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place, our telehealth acu-session was born.  Dr. Emily wants to make this experience as close to regular in-person treatments as possible. We will provide patients with press-on points such as magnets, ear seeds, or stick-on moxa to be placed on acupuncture points at home without the need for physical contact.  This will include a consultation to review treatment as well as the cost and delivery of the press-on points.  We use press on points and 12000 gauss high strength rare earth magnets for its powerful effectiveness. 

As far as the session goes, Emily will meet you online on our practice management platform which is HIPAA compliant, and start with a check in consultation on where to put the points. Then Emily will instruct you where those points are while you'll be the person sticking the adhesive points on your body. Then we'll disconnect and you'll lie down and rest for 30 minutes, and after that, Emily will reconnect with you to close up.

What can Telehealth Sessions treat?
Telehealth Services are best to help treat these conditions:
  • Stress and anxiety, panic episodes, and other emotional wellbeing conditions
  • Immune support, chronic allergies, and energy depletion 
  • Sleep disturbances and insomnia
  • Fertility and other women's health issues
  • Digestive and gut health
  • Some pain conditions
Practicing physical distancing doesn't mean that we have to stop your on-going treatment plan to get you feeling better. We should indeed connect and bring healing to a deeper level!
Does my insurance cover it?
During the COVID-19 pandemic stay home order, your insurance might cover all or part of the cost. 

For In-Network (Cigna and United Healthcare):
As of today, Cigna is covering 100% for telemedicine and waiving deductibles and copayments, but you'll need to confirm that you have telemedicine coverage. Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card.
For United Healthcare, our state association is still working to get them cover for telehealth with acupuncturists. We'll continuously update this page as we hear more. You might be able to help us too! Call them and voice your comment. 

For Out-of-Network:
We will still provide you with a superbill with appropriate codes if you have insurance besides the above mentioned insurance companies.